Headboard in fabric

Headboard in fabric

Our headboards are 100% customizable, you can choose your upholstery from our wide range of decorative fabrics including velvet, woven, coated or suede. To further customize your bedding, you have the choice between built-in USB port, discreet storage and lighting, a wide range of colors and finishes to match your interior.

Wooden headboard

Wooden headboard

Nos Our wooden headboards offer you the choice between different components. We give special importance to the wood we choose, its quality, its durability and its design. If you want a natural and elegant effect, the wooden headboard is made for you. It will dress up your wall and add a decorative touch to your bedroom.

In order to have the room of your dreams, we offer a wide range of headboards. You have the choice between integrated USB port, discreet storage and lighting, a wide choice of colors and finishes in accord with you interior.

You can customize your headboard 100%, on a large number you have the possibility to choose different decorative fabrics (30 fabrics) according to your desires, for an original and personalized headboard.

Notre Our offer is composed of upholstered headboards, wood, fabrics (more than 30 different models) Andre Renault cultivates the sense of detail by offering a wide range of handmade heardboards in France, with a clean or assertive design to make it the centerpiece of your bedding decor ! Find our headboards though 6 families, to choose according to your desires : 

Quilted headboards

Wooden headboards and fabrics

The upholstered headboards

The timeless headboards

"Nature and Poetry" headboards

"Shape and Geometry" bedheads"

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